Getting Started

“Let your performance do the thinking. Start today!”

Here is how you can get started.

01 Get in touch
Get in touch with us to start off with a free consultation on the viablity of your unit. We will access at what level of readiness your property is for the lucrative short term home market. We will also access other things like pricing, earning potential, target market and market trends that works best for your property. When you are ready to take it to the next step, we will have an agreement drawn up for you.

02 Sign an agreement
Our agreement lasts for 12 months. During the duration of this agreement, you may not rent it out to other parties or list the property yourself on any online platforms as this will create conflict of scheduling, booking and usage of services that we provide.

03 Get your unit ready
Once we have gotten the legal stuff out of the way, we will begin to furnish your property with the necessary details to make your property short term home ready. We will offer advice and even make the necessary purchase on your behalf. Other essentials that we provide includes all soft beddings like fitted sheets, pillow covers, quilt covers, towels, bathmats and etc.

04 Professional photography
Your unit is now ready for one of the most important steps: photography. You may do this yourself if you are confident in your interior photography otherwise we will be offering this service for free. A good set of photos that showcases your property is what drives traffic to your listings and eventually confirmed bookings.

05 List
Our team of writers will begin to write up vivid and imaginative descriptions for your property to attract the most seasoned travellers. Once this step is done, we will create your online listing under our account and you are now good to go.

06 Start earning
Bookings and reservations will start to come in from multiple platforms. You part is done and ours has just begun. Simply sit back and relax and we’ll work our magic. At no point will you be required to be involved in any of the stays or guests. At the end of every month we will send you a statement and the earnings automatically before the 15th.